Bobbie Crane

Western Canada Artist

It is the appreciation of nature’s simple beauty that sends me to my easel. Each painting evolves and is inspired by the Cariboo lifestyle I enjoy. I bring life to my passion through acrylic art.


It is a daily occurrence to witness eagles and osprey soaring around the tree tops. Squirrels and chipmunks scamper along the rockery in my yard while deer, moose and fox pass through as I tour the gardens to see the newest blossoms open to the sunshine. Each day I sit down with a brush, canvas, paints and bring forth an image that has inspired my creativity.


For most of my professional career I concentrated on leading art classes and workshops as I feel that painting is a creative place where students can always find peace, hope and joy in every brush stroke.


In 2015 I became an ‘active member’ of the Federation of Canadian Artist, currently working on achieving the ‘associated member’ status.


My goal is for every painting to tell a story and to touch people in ways nothing else can.


– Bobbie Crane